Bart Stupak: Naive or a Fraud ?

As I reflect back on the events of this past weekend it is difficult to identify the most disappointing event on the way to this unconstitutional power grab, but not impossible.  For me, aside from the passage of  the bill itself, the most significant display of cowardice came from Representative Stupak when he sacrificed the lives of unborn children for the sake of his own re-election.

Of course, I realize the Stupak apologists will point out that he brokered a deal with Mr. Obama to obtain an executive order.  However, I also realize that such an order has no real effect and that it constitutes nothing more than a crass attempt to provide Stupak with political cover for the truly uninformed.

In short, the executive order he brokered means nothing.  First, there is nothing preventing Obama from rescinding it at anytime.  Second, this meaningless gesture will surely fail the second the pro-abortion crowd challenges it in the Courts.  In that regard, it is clear that the Progressive Socialist agenda that passed on Sunday does allow for the funding of abortions with Federal dollars.  Thus, the law will prevail over this hollow executive order.

So, I ask, is Bart Stupak naive and thus really believes that he accomplished something in the name of life or is he just another fraud ?

Since his previous performance in the House to broker the deal restricting the funding of abortion last November provides evidence that he is not naive, I can only reach one conclusion as to his character.  I wonder if his conscience is bothered in the least, or if he has even given a thought to the children who will die as a result of his corrupt bargain - we will probably never know.

Kevin Carey

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